FCS March 2023

FCS March 2023

FCS March 2023

March 2023 Edition

Family & Consumer Sciences
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I have offically made it 1 whole year in Extension. I started as your FCS Extension Agent on March 1st 2022. When you are
dividing a year up into 12 newsletters, I think it makes the year go faster! This past year has been full of so much growth for
me, it is an exciting time in my life to be settling into a career I love and enjoy waking up and coming to every single day. I
have made so many new relationships because of this opportunity and I cannot thank YOU enough. Everyone who has made
it a priority to come in to the office to meet me in person, called to introduce yourself, or attended a program, thank you for
making me feel so welcome here in Mercer County. I have had numerous "What a small world" moments here in the last year
that have reassured me, I am exactly where I need to be! I have enjoyed every day of the last year and I am looking forward to
offering more programs and meeting more of you.

Family & Consumer Science Agent, Tara Duty